The Farm

The Trees On the Farm

We have an assortment of trees on the farm that we get to enjoy there fruit.  Five different apple trees that produce an assortment of tastes and textures. We use them to make applesauce in the summer, and slice to freeze for apple pie in the winter.  Walnut nut  trees litter the ground for collecting.  They can be shelled for their meat, or left for the wildlife to live on throughout the winter.  And a tart red cherry tree that we have to fight the birds for the fruit, it is one of their favorites. We even have  some maple trees that we have tapped for the syrup on occasion.

Our Cows

These two ladies are the first of our growing new herd.  Sweet tempered, great confirmation, they will product beautiful babies.

Chasing Lilies Floral

My sister, Kristie, has a full service florist on the farm that delivers to Paris, Bourbon County, Millersburg, North Middletown, Kentucky.  Find her at or contact her at 859-707-0133