About Us

Two years ago my wife and I got out of the horse breeding/training business and got interested in raising bees. We went to meetings, read books, listen to the experiences of other beekeepers and finally got our first hive.  It made it through the first winter, and come spring we were happy to see them out and about. We acquired a second hive and then a third. We got 120 pounds of honey off those first hives!  We learned a lot, caught swarms, lost swarms and have built up to seven hives.  We've harvested and bottled this years honey, which is now ready for sale.

With a desire to become more self sustaining and raising a lot of our own food, we added a flock of chickens.  They can be quite entertaining at times, and we've been rewarded with delicious large eggs we now have available to sell to the public.  Being allowed to free range and giving them product from our garden we are rewarded with large and tasty eggs with rich golden yolks.  Stop by and pick up a dozen or two, maybe three.  The eggs are medium to large brown eggs, with rich yellow yolks.  Sale price is $2.50 for medium and $3.00 for large.

During the summer we plant a garden, tend our bees and the chickens, and are rewarded with fresh eggs, fresh honey, and products made from the honey and wax for our customers.  We have beeswax candles in various sizes, gift baskets filled with various, honey and bee products from lip gloss, lotions and different styles of our wonderful bees wax candles. The warm sweet long lasting glow and delicate scent make these candles special. Check out our product page to purchase these wonderful items, not only for yourself, but maybe even to share.